Sharing a room: what would you do?

To set the scene for this mother of a first world problem, imagine for a moment the absolute delight you would feel when you are told that you’re going away on an all expenses paid long weekend to a lush tropical paradise courtesy of your work. If you’re anything like me, you will instantly be thinking of warm weather, palm trees, cocktails and laughter.

#feelinglucky #warmnfuzzy

Then, imagine a few days later the cloud of despair that would descend upon you when you find out from ‘Linda in HR’ that you *might* need to share a twin room with someone………that someone being a work colleague (cue inward screaming).

I don’t know about you, but the number of people that I would feel comfortable sharing a room with is a really small list: my husband, my children, my pets, and my best friend. Outside of that list, everyone else is just plain awkward.

When the other person is someone you only know professionally, and might have only known for a really short time, feelings of terror are immediate.

Along with feeling disappointment at my employer for not having provided individual rooms for everyone, frustration at yourself for not just being ‘ok with it’, and down right anger at the audacity of those colleagues that confidently assert themselves and stake a claim to the only single room option, the emotional fall out is cataclysmic.

I want one of those single room options so bad. I’m sure everyone does really. However, unlike my confident colleagues, I just don’t feel comfortable openly and assertively putting my needs of others.

Do I feel less worthy? Maybe.

Do I think they deserve it more than me? No.

Upon reflection, perhaps they’re not actually that confident. Instead, maybe they’re just a little bit ignorant, and a little bit selfish.

So, the question is: how do you deal with it?

PS the sharing a bathroom with 3 other people is a whole other story….


Author: Suburban Philosopher

Just a woman in the 'burbs trying to work it all out....

5 thoughts on “Sharing a room: what would you do?”

  1. Oh gosh…is there a way you can pull out of that trip?! lol I understand how you feel. Your room is like your sanctuary and you don’t want to be sharing it with somebody who you are not close to. I am very much like you in that way. On the other hand, it could be possible that sharing a room with a colleague could build a great bond/friendship that you wouldn’t have foreseen. It might even turn out to be a fantastic trip. But I cringe at sharing a room and bathroom with a colleague as much as you do! You’re not alone!


      1. 😂😂 It’s just so awkward. Essentially, we are used to putting on our professional conduct and facade around colleagues (depending on what kind of field and atmosphere you work in – like corporate). Now the dynamics will be switched up rapidly if you have to share a room with a colleague! lol


  2. I traveled with a coworker on a short business trip but the company was prudent enough to set us up in a suite. So we had our individual rooms.

    A few thoughts:
    It’s not a matter of being selfish or ungrateful. I think it’s a matter of prudence and privacy.

    I would respectfully make the request that they set you up, at the very least, in a suite. It may cost a little more but not quite enough for two rooms.

    But the truth is that if they’re not willing to do that, I’d still go and enjoy the time 😀

    Thanks for sharing this.
    Judy @sensibledove


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