Hailing from the suburbs of Melbourne (hence the title of this blog, along with a subtle reference to the fact that I have no formal philosophy credentials), I define myself first and foremost a wife, and mother to a pigeon pair of crazy adorable children.  I also have a crazy adorable lab x that provides a warmth and joy that I did not know existed until he decided to join our family (in fact I was totally petrified of dogs until we found him hiding under a bush in our garden, and was subsequently adopted by us!).  Including 2 cats, and 4 fish, they are my world.

Career wise, I have worked in the corporate world since the ripe old age of 16 and 3/4. My vocational path was determined by a friend’s Dad who made an off the cuff comment along the lines of ‘you’re good with numbers, you’d do well in financial services’, and so it began.  Although my choice of industry has served me very well, and still does (to the extent that it pays our mortgage and all the day to day living expenses we have), it has never really felt like it was where I belonged (I suspect that a large number of office dwellers feel the same).

As a child, I was never really encouraged artistically, in fact I was given a clear directive to focus on the core elements of education.  It was not until I was in my late 20s that I picked up a paint brush for the first time and realised that I could paint (and let me clear, by that I mean in the physical sense, not artistic merit). Painting makes me feel good, and I now have a number of abstract (of course!) pieces around my home that make me smile.  I have also written journals on and off through the years, but again it was not until fairly recently that I dared to dream of a life where I could spend my days in my own headspace, filling pages with my thoughts.  As a result, I would very much class myself as late to the party in terms of the joy to be found in the right side of the brain.

So, after 40 years, I find myself at this place in my life, and this space on this page.
I feel compelled to write, so here I am, I hope you enjoy x